Surveillance and Court Agreement

In order to ensure compliance by the EFTA States with their obligations under the EEA Agreement, a Surveillance Authority and a Court of Justice were established.

The Surveillance and Court Agreement established the EFTA Surveillance Authority as an independent surveillance authority, responsible for ensuring the fulfilment by Norway, Iceland and Liechtenstein of their EEA Agreement obligations. The Agreement contains rules on the internal organisation of ESA and its competences.

The Surveillance and Court Agreement also provides for the establishment of the EFTA Court, which has its seat in Luxembourg. The EFTA Court is primary role is to deal with infringement actions brought by ESA against EFTA States for failure to fulfil their obligations under the EEA Agreement, settlement of disputes between EFTA States, appeals against decisions of ESA, and to give advisory opinions to courts in the EFTA States on the interpretation of EEA rules.

The full text of the Surveillance and Court Agreement together with its annexes and protocols can be found on the website of the EFTA Secretariat.

Other EEA Institutions

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