The College of the EFTA Surveillance Authority


ESA is led by a College with members appointed for a period of four years by the three participating EFTA States.

At present, the College consists of the following members:

  • Bente Angell-Hansen, President
  • Frank J. Büchel
  • Högni Kristjánsson

Portfolio for College members

From 11 March 2015, the College has assigned the responsibility for the preparation and implementation of its decisions in the various fields of activity as follows:

Bente Angell-Hansen
  • Co-ordination and general policies
  • Relations with EU Institutions including  matters falling within the last paragraph of  Section 12.1 of the Manual of Operational Procedures
  • External relations
  • Legal & Executive Affairs
  • Administration
  • State aid (Annex XV)
  • Public access to documents
Frank J. Büchel
  • Free movement of persons including:
    - free movement of workers (Annex V),
    - Social security (Annex VI)
    - mutual recognition  of professional qualifications (Annex VII)
  • Freedom of  establishment  (Annex VIII)
  • Free movement of services (Annexes IX to XI)
  • Free movement of capital (Annex XII)
  • Competition (Annex XIV)
  • Intellectual Property (Annex XVII)
  • Social policy (Annex XVIII)
  • Company law (Annex XXII)
Högni Kristjánsson
  • Free movement of goods including:
    - veterinary and phytosanitary matters (Annex I)
    - technical regulations and certification (Annex II)
    - product liability (Annex III)
  • Energy (Annex IV)
  • Transport (Annex XIII)
  • Public undertakings
  • Monopolies
  • Public procurement (Annex XVI)
  • Consumer protection (Annex XIX)
  • Environment (Annex XX)
  • Statistics (Annex XXI)


Other EEA Institutions

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