Recruitment Policy & Procedure

ESA's staff, their knowledge and competence are our most valuable assets in fulfilling our role of safeguarding the EEA Agreement.  As such, our aim is to attract and recruit the most competent candidates, who demonstrate the technical competence, values and behaviours required to enable us to succeed and continuously improve as an organisation.

ESA also aims to ensure diversity and equality of opportunity, in particular with regard to gender, at all levels in the organisation.  This contributes to more effective decision-making and problem-solving by providing a range of perspectives, a broad spectrum of expertise and a more robust process for critical evaluation. In light of ESA's specific mandate of enforcing the EEA Agreement in the EEA EFTA States, it is at the same time crucial to employ sufficient staff with knowledge of the languages, legal systems and national administrations of these States.

The dissemination of knowledge into the EEA States and the EU Institutions ensures increased awareness and understanding of the EEA Agreement.  ESA must also remain connected to and up to date on relevant developments in the EEA States and the EU Institutions.  ESA therefore aims to ensure a balance between the development and retention of internal expertise and the introduction of new approaches and experience into the organisation.  At the same time, ESA recognises the organisational impact and costs of limited-term employment and staff turnover as well as the limiting effect this has on opportunities for professional development, which all have to be balanced.

In order to achieve these aims, ESA has established the following policy:

  • Decisions on recruitment, appointment and renewal of contract will be based on the current and future needs, interests and priorities of ESA.  
  • ESA will employ individuals on fixed-term, temporary, traineeship and seconded national expert contracts, as set out in the Staff Regulations and Rules, with renewals and prolongations being offered when in the interests of ESA. 
  • Positions will always be offered to the most competent and suitable candidate, as assessed against the essential and desirable qualifications, skills and experience for the position.
  • ESA is an equal opportunities employer and applications from suitably qualified candidates from all backgrounds are welcomed. 
  • ESA will encourage applications from male or female candidates at levels and in roles where they are currently underrepresented.
  • ESA will aim to attract candidates from the EEA EFTA States, in order to ensure that there is a critical mass of individuals with prior experience and knowledge of the languages, legal systems and national administrations of these States.
  • ESA will ensure efficient use of resources in all recruitment exercises.
  • ESA will provide opportunities for professional development wherever possible and in the interests of ESA.
  • In light of ESA's role of safeguarding the EEA Agreement, all ESA positions will be open to EEA nationals only.  To ensure the continued awareness of the EEA Agreement in the EEA EFTA States, trainee positions will be open to EEA EFTA nationals only. 

Full details of ESA's approach to recruitment, appointment, renewal and prolongation of contract are set out in our Policy & Procedures:


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