The Authority welcomes all information from consumers and undertakings concerning potential infringements of the EEA competition rules.

Individuals or companies suffering from restrictive practices engaged in by other market operators may lodge a formal complaint with the Authority. Economic operators or their legal representatives are welcome to contact the Authority with a view to discussing whether there are grounds for making a formal complaint.

Since the rules on allocation of jurisdiction under the EEA Agreement will determine whether the Authority or the Commission is competent to handle the case, a complainant should carry out a preliminary assessment in order to identify the competent authority.

A formal complaint to the Authority alleging infringement of Articles 53 or 54 of the EEA Agreement must contain the information required by Form C. The complainant must also provide a non-confidential version of the complaint.

Information about suspected infringements and complaints should be sent to the Authority in electronic form by email to Please submit any annexes also in electronic form and in a searchable format. Should you wish to submit a complaint by other means, please contact the Authority first.

The Authority will endeavour to inform complainants of the action that it proposes to take within an indicative time frame of four months from receipt of the complaint. The Authority will normally notify the undertakings against which a formal complaint has been made and give them the opportunity to comment.

Undertakings are entitled to choose any of the official languages of the EU Member States or EFTA States when addressing the Authority. However, parties are encouraged to use English as that is the official working language of the Authority.

Further information can be found in the Authority's Notice on the handling of complaints under Articles 53 and 54 EEA.

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