ESA welcomes all information from consumers and undertakings concerning potential infringements of the EEA competition rules in Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway.

Making Complaints to ESA

There are two ways for individuals or companies to bring suspected infringements of the EEA competition rules to ESA's attention:

  • The first way is to lodge a formal complaint which fulfils certain legal requirements. In particular, the complainant must show a legitimate interest and submit the information required by the Form C.  
  • The second way is to submit market information that does not comply with the formal complaint requirements, although you would not enjoy the same procedural rights as formal complainants.

Further information on these two options and on ESA's prioritisation process can be found in the Notice on the handling of complaints. The rules on the allocation of jurisdiction in EEA competition cases can also help you identify if ESA or the European Commission is the competent body for your complaint. 


Information about suspected infringements of the EEA competition rules should be sent in electronic form by email to Please also submit any annexes (clearly numbered) in electronic form. For formal complaints, please provide a non-confidential version of all documents submitted.

We will treat your correspondence in accordance with our data protection policy. If you are a natural person acting in a personal capacity, please limit any personal data (such as name and contact details when replying to Section I of the Form C) to the cover email only, so that it can be filed separately to the other parts of your complaint.

Complaints can be drafted in any of the official languages of the EFTA States or of the EU. However, the working language of ESA is English. Therefore, the use of languages other than English may delay the handling of a complaint.

Potential complainants or their legal representatives are welcome to contact the Competition & State Aid Directorate in ESA to discuss our complaints process in further detail.

Other EEA Institutions

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