International co-operation


ESA regularly co-operates at European level with the Commission. ESA and the competent authorities of the EFTA States participate in meetings of the European Competition Network (ECN). ESA also co-operates with competition authorities at European level through the network of European Competition Authorities (ECA), and at international level through membership of the International Competition Network (ICN).

European Competition Network

The Commission and the national competition authorities in the EU Member States co-operate with each other through the ECN. ESA and the competent authorities of the EFTA States also participate in ECN meetings, with a view to ensuring the effective enforcement of the EEA competition rules and their uniform interpretation and application across the EEA.

The objective of the ECN is to build an effective legal framework to enforce the competition rules against companies that engage in cross-border business practices which restrict competition and harm consumers.

More information can be found on the Commission's website.

Network of European Competition Authorities

The ECA is a forum for discussion involving the competition authorities in the EEA in which both ESA and the national competition authorities of the EFTA States participate.

The ECA is based on informal co-operation and meetings are held at least once a year. The aim of the ECA is to improve co-operation between competition authorities and contribute to the efficient enforcement of national and European competition law. Co-operation is developed through meetings, working groups, and exchange of information, experience and staff.

International Competition Network

With increasing globalisation, more and more companies, mergers and cartels have an international dimension. As a result, the activities of companies based outside the EEA may affect competition within the EEA. That has made international cooperation on competition policy essential.

ESA is a member of the International Competition Network, an informal forum created in 2001 for competition authorities from around the world to discuss competition law enforcement and policy issues, spread best practice, and promote convergence.

More information can be found on the website of the International Competition Network

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