Contacting ESA about data protection

All data subjects have the right of access to personal data being processed by the EFTA Surveillance Authority, and the rights set out under Section 5 of College Decision No 235/16/COL.


This includes a right to know what personal data of yours is being held or processed by The EFTA Surveillance Authority. You can find out by sending us a data subject request form


If ESA holds or is processing any of your personal data, you will have the following rights under College Decision No 235/16/COL:

-       (Article 14) the right to rectification of inaccurate or incomplete personal data

-       (Article 15) the right to obtain blocking of data in certain circumstances

-       (Article 16) the right to erasure of personal data if the processing is unlawful

-       (Article 17) the right to require the Authority to notify third parties of rectification, blocking or erasure unless such notification is impossible or disproportionate.

-       (Article 18) the right to object to lawful processing in certain circumstances


ESA does not charge any fee for a data subject request.

The Data Protection Officer (DPO) at the EFTA Surveillance Authority ensures, in an independent manner, that the EFTA Surveillance Authority correctly applies the College Decision 235/16/COL protecting individuals' personal data. The DPO keeps a register over all operations carried out by the EFTA Surveillance Authority that involve processing of personal data.

The DPO can be contacted for any questions or queries regarding processing of personal data in the Authority at dpo[at]

Contact: dpo[at]

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