The Authority, as guardian of the EEA Agreement, is under an obligation to ensure that the EFTA Countries apply EEA legislation correctly. Within the field of food and feed safety, animal health and welfare that is partly done through Finspmissions.

Missions are important tools for the Authority to assess the EFTA EEA Countries application of the EEA legislation in the field of food and feed safety, animal health and welfare.

The Authority co-operates closely with the European Commission, DG SANTE Directorate F, Health and Food Audits and Analysis, which carry out similar missions in the EU Member States. To ensure a harmonised approach, auditors from the Authority participate regularly as observers in missions carried out by the Commission, and vice versa.

The Food Safety Unit of the Authority has a long term mission program subject to annual review, taking a number of factors into consideration, some of which are mentioned here:

  • new legislation applicable in the member states;
  • findings, conclusions and recommendations of the last mission on the topic;
  • unsatisfactory or no response in the follow-up evaluation of previous missions;
  • emerging topics such as animal diseases or zoonoses;
  • the mission plan of DG SANTE Directorate F;
  • the relevance of the field in the EFTA States to be audited;

 Each year the Authority prepares a mission plan which, in addition to being published on this site, is sent to Iceland and Norway and DG SANTE Directorate F.

The Authority prepares a report from all missions that are carried out. These reports are published here:


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