Food safety and animal health inspection programme for the EFTA States for 2006

The EFTA Surveillance Authority's food safety and animal health inspection programme for 2006 includes 12 inspections to the three EFTA States. The time schedule for the inspections to be carried out in the second half of 2006 will be decided in April 2006 when the programme will be reviewed. It should be noted that amendments to the programme might be made during the year.

Most of the planned inspections in 2006 are in Norway as Chapters I (veterinary issues) and II (feedingstuffs) of Annex I to the Agreement on the European Economic Area (the EEA Agreement) and Chapter XII (foodstuffs) of Annex II to the Agreement are applicable for Norway. Liechtenstein has a permanent derogation from Chapter I of Annex I, while for Iceland only the legislation on fish and fishery products (in Chapter I of Annex I) is applicable. Consequently, the number of inspections is lower for these two EFTA States.

In addition, the Authority intends to carry out missions to Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway during the autumn of 2006 in order to review the follow-up of the recommendations made in reports from missions carried out in recent years.

Although not listed in the inspection programme, participation by the Authority's inspectors in the European Commission's Food and Veterinary Office (FVO) missions to the EU Member States form an important part of the Authority's inspection activities. Inspectors from the FVO will also be invited to participate in inspections to the EFTA States.

Inspection programme for the first half of 2006: 

EFTA State Field Legislation (indicative) Period
Iceland Animal nutrition Council Directive 95/53/EC Week 25
Liechtenstein -    
Norway Official control Council Directives 89/397/EEC and 93/99/EEC, and Commission Regulation (EC) No 645/2000 Week 6
  Scrapie Regulation (EC) No 999/2001 and Decision 2003/100/EC Week 8
  Avian influenza Council Directive 92/40/EEC Week 11
  Animal welfare Council Directives 91/628/EEC and 93/119/EEC Week 19

Inspection programme for the second half of 2006 (1)

EFTA State Field Legislation (indicative) Period
Iceland General review All fields inspected 2-3 days
Liechtenstein General review All fields inspected 1 day
Norway General review All fields inspected 3-5 days
  Border inspection posts Council Directives 91/496/EEC and 97/78/EC 1 week
  Game meat Council Directives 91/495/EEC and 92/45/EEC 1 week
  Poultry meat and eggs Council Directives 71/118/EEC, 89/437/EEC, 90/539/EEC and 91/494/EEC 2 weeks
  Residues Council Directive 96/23/EC 1 week

(1) Time schedule to be decided in April 2006.

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