EEA transport rules seek to facilitate clean, safe and efficient travel for passengers and goods throughout Europe. In doing so, they support the development of the internal market and the right of citizens to travel freely throughout the EEA.

The Authority monitors the implementation by the EFTA States of EEA legislation that seeks to liberalise transport markets by harmonising rules relating to transport safety and security, technical, social and environmental standards, passengers' rights and access to transport professions.

The Authority also scrutinizes the application by the EFTA States of this legislation. It seeks to ensure that there is no discrimination as regards the nationality of transport operators and that state aid for transport infrastructure or services, such as compensation for loss-making public transport routes or services, is proportionate and restricted to the minimum necessary.

In order to ensure the uniform application of EEA law in the transport field, the Authority works closely with the Commission, through bilateral dialogue and participation in relevant Commission committees and transport agencies of the EU.

Other EEA Institutions

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