Know your
passenger rights

Do you know your rights? 

Has your flight or ferry service been cancelled or delayed? Did you miss your train or bus?

All EU legislation on passenger rights is incorporated into the EEA Agreement. That means that when travelling within the European Economic Area (EEA) you have the same rights as within the European Union.


These rights include right to information, possible compensation for delays, denied boarding and cancellations and much more. Certain rights apply to travellers with disabilities.

For more information about your rights in a specific transport sector, you can read the EEA acts or the summaries of the legislation here in English as well as the information on complaints handling. Press on the flags below for information such as the summaries and complaint handling in German, Icelandic and Norwegian.

An app is also available, giving you easy access to a summary of EEA passenger rights when you are on the go.

Please press the flags to find the applicable EEA legislation on passenger rights in
Icelandic, German and Norwegian.
Find the English version here






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