SOLVIT is an on-line problem solving network in which the EFTA States and EU Member States work together to solve problems caused by the misapplication of Internal Market rules by public authorities. SOLVIT is not an information centre or legal advice network, and it does not deal with problems between businesses or between consumers and businesses.

There is a SOLVIT Centre in every EU Member State as well as in Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway. SOLVIT Centres handle complaints from individuals and businesses. The Centres, which form part of the national administrations of the EEA States, are committed to providing real solutions to problems within 10 calendar weeks. Using SOLVIT is free of charge.

How to submit a case to SOLVIT

ESA may pass formal complaints it receives against the EFTA States on to SOLVIT, if it considers that there is a good chance that the problem can be solved without resorting to legal proceedings.

Any person or company facing a problem concerning an issue covered by the EEA Agreement may submit a case directly to the SOLVIT Centre in their home state. If no solution can be found or the solution is not satisfactory to the complainant, the complainant is free to pursue other possible remedies. 

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