Draft Technical Regulations

With a view to avoid restrictions on the free movement of goods within the EEA, the Directive on Draft Technical Regulations establishes a system for information-sharing when EEA States intend to adopt national legislation containing technical rules.

Under the Directive, EFTA States are obliged to notify the Authority of any technical regulations they plan to adopt. The Authority then forwards the notifications to the other EFTA States and the Commission, and publishes them on the Authority's website. The notifications are also uploaded on the TRIS database in order for the EU Member States to be able to access them. The Authority, as well as the Commission and all the EEA States, may comment on the notifications. Other interested parties can access the draft texts on the TRIS database but may not submit comments under the procedure foreseen in the Directive.

The technical regulations should be notified before they are adopted by the national parliaments, in order for the EEA States to take into account the comments they may have received during the procedure. Once a notification is received by the Authority, a three month standstill period is triggered, during which the notifying EFTA State may not adopt the regulation. Once the standstill period expires, the EFTA State may adopt the notified draft regulation.

The Directive applies slightly differently in the EFTA States and the EU States. Most significantly, the Commission has the option to issue so-called detailed opinions in response to notifications received from EU States. However, the Authority, as well as the Commission and the other EEA States, may only issue comments in response to notifications received from the EFTA States. 

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