Notifications of national measures

EFTA States are under an obligation to take all appropriate measures, whether general or particular, to ensure fulfilment of the obligations arising out of the EEA Agreement. Similarly, they have to abstain from any measure which could jeopardize the attainment of the objectives of the EEA Agreement. This “loyalty clause” thus contains both a positive and a negative obligation: The positive obligation is to implement measures to ensure that the EEA Agreement is effectively applied. The negative obligation is to refrain from any measures which could undermine the objectives of the EEA Agreement. 

Obligation to notify national legislation implementing directives and regulations

Acts referred to or contained in the Annexes to the EEA Agreement or in decisions of the EEA Joint Committee are binding upon the EFTA States. Moreover, they must be, or be made, part of the internal legal order of the EFTA States. To this end, acts corresponding to EU regulations have to be made part of the internal legal order of the EFTA States “as such”, whereas acts corresponding to EU directives leave it to the States to choose the form and method of implementation.

Form 1

In order to facilitate the notification by the EFTA States of their transposition of EEA legislation into national legal order, the so-called "Form 1" is to be used by the EFTA States.

Form 1 requires information to be submitted of the national laws, regulations or administrative provisions implementing the EEA act in question. If an EFTA States notifies only a partial implementation, information has to be provided on Form 1 regarding the measures that remain to be taken in order to ensure full implementation.  


Other EEA Institutions

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