RAPEX - Rapid Alert System for Non-Food Consumer Products

With a view to effective market surveillance, the General Product Safety Directive establishes a system for rapid exchange of information concerning products posing a serious risk to consumers. Where measures are adopted that effect the placing on the market of such products, the EEA State concerned is required to notify the measures through the RAPEX system. Restrictive measures regarding products that do not involve a serious risk can also be notified.

Safety measures or action taken by EU member States are notified to the Commission and measures or action taken by the EFTA States to the Authority. The Authority will examine notifications submitted to it and submit them to the Commission RAPEX Contact Point to be forwarded to all EEA States.

The Authority has adopted guidelines for the management of the RAPEX system and for notifications presented in relation to products not involving a serious risk. The guidelines correspond to the ones adopted by the Commission.

Summaries of RAPEX notifications by EEA States are published weekly by the Commission.

Clarification on the relationship between the General Product Safety Directive and sector-specific directives is provided in an informal Commission Guidance Document.

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