Document register

Welcome to the document register of ESA. The register contains a list of certain categories of documents, primarily formal decisions and press releases issued by ESA, but also other outgoing and incoming correspondence.

 The purpose of this register is to inform the public of the existence of important documents with ESA. This does not mean, however, that public access is confined to the documents listed in this register.

For access to any of the documents in the register, please send a request to: 

Please note, however, that many are already directly accessible on this website. Also note that as a measure to increase transparency ESA will launch an online searchable public access database in 2013, containing all documents to which access is granted under the public access rules.

The request for a document found in the register should contain a reference to the document's number, date and title, in order facilitate the handling of the request. ESA will handle the request as quickly as possible, and in accordance with the Rules on public access to documents. The fact that a document is listed in the register does not mean, however, that access will necessarily be granted.

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