Moot Court in Iceland November 2019

This year the EEA Law Moot Court will return to Iceland – and to celebrate 25 years of the EEA Agreement, the competition will for the first time bring together students from Icelandic and also Norwegian Universities.

The moot provides a unique opportunity for law students to deepen their understanding of EEA law through practical advocacy. For the winning team and speaker, the competition prize is an intensive VIP study visit to Brussels and Luxembourg.

2019 Moot Court materials

2019 EEA Law Moot Court Problem
2019 EEA Law Moot Court Bundle 
2019 EEA Law Moot Court Rules 
2019 Moot Court Participation Form


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The competition


The 2019 EEA Law Moot Court competition will be held at the Supreme Court of Iceland, in Reykjavík. The moot is organised by ESA in close cooperation with the law faculties and students of the University of Iceland, Reykjavík University, the University of Akureyri and Bifröst University. The Universities of Bergen, Oslo and Tromsø – ESA's partners for the moot in Norway – are also invited each to send a representative team to compete.

In a moot, students act as advocates representing different parties in a fictional EEA law case. The aim is to reproduce, as closely as possible, the discussion and argument of a genuine hearing in the EFTA Court.

As many participants in this moot will not have mooted extensively before, the teams are provided with a full bundle of supporting materials and authorities for use in the moot.

The winners' week


The competition winners are invited on a VIP trip to Brussels and Luxembourg, where they will see behind-the-scenes at ESA, the EU institutions, the EFTA Court and the CJEU. The week includes expert workshops and in-depth discussions with judges and officials. All travel, accommodation and meals will be paid for.

Feedback from previous winners:
“The overall incredibly high level of access to institutions and people was astounding. I had expected tours of the buildings and perhaps a general talk, nothing like the visits and presentations we got.”

“It gave me a full picture of European institutions and their work … the personal approach of the organizers to us, participants, and planning of our visit was impressive and made a huge difference.”

Moot timeline

Wednesday 28 August – Moot problem published
Friday 25 October – Submission of written observations
Saturday 9 November – Welcome Breakfast and first round of mooting in Reykjavík
Sunday 10 November – Second round of mooting and grand final

Signing up
Teams or individuals can sign up to participate in the moot at the following faculty email addresses:

Reykjavík University:
The University of Iceland:
The University of Akureyri:
Bifrost University:
University of Bergen:
University of Oslo:
University of Tromsø:

Further information
For more information, please contact

Other EEA Institutions

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