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The 2018 EEA Law Moot Court Competition will be held in Oslo on the 10-11 March 2018. Find all the information about the 2018 competition here. 



The EEA Law Moot Court provides a unique opportunity for Norwegian and Icelandic law students to deepen their understanding of EEA law and to gain practical advocacy experience in English.

The competition is the result of a cooperation initiative which brings together the EFTA Surveillance Authority with University faculties and student associations in Iceland and Norway. The first EEA Moot Court was held at the University of Oslo in 2015 in cooperation with Juristforeningen and with the support of the faculty. Spring 2018 will bring the EEA Moot Court competition to Norway, in cooperation with law faculties and law students in Norway.

As well as providing participating law students with excellent learning opportunities and course credits, the Moot Court competition prize is an intensive VIP study visit to Brussels and Luxembourg. Over the course of a week, the competition winners will get the chance to see behind-the-scenes at ESA, the EFTA Secretariat, the European Commission and European Parliament, the EFTA Court and the Court of Justice of the EU. This week includes expert workshops and in-depth discussions with judges and officials, and of course all travel, accommodation and meals will be paid for. 

If you are a participant in the Moot court- please use #ESAMootCourt on Social Media. Follow ESA on TwitterLinkedin , Instagram and Facebook ! 

Feedback from previous winners:


I think the overall incredibly high level of access to institutions and people was astounding. I had expected tours of the buildings and perhaps a general talk, nothing like the visits and presentations we got.


In a week of meetings and workshops basically all international institutions and organizations were covered, so it gave me full picture of European institutions and their work, filled in gaps that I had before the visit.  Also personal approach of the organizers to us, participants, and planning of our visit was impressive and made huge difference.


A competitor puts forward her best arguments in the moot in Oslo 2015.

What is a Moot Court? 


A moot is an argument (and not a debate) between students acting as advocates representing different parties in a case. The facts and history, together with supporting material and authorities, are given in advance to the students. The aim is to reproduce, as closely as possible, the discussion and argument of a genuine hearing in the EFTA Court. The case is based upon an area of EEA Law and has been prepared by a writing committee of the organisers and external experts.

As many participants in this moot will not have mooted extensively before, the teams will be provided with a full bundle of supporting materials and authorities for use in the moot. Accordingly, there is no need for further research outside of the bundle. 


 Highlights from the 2015 winners' visit.

Learn more about the EEA Moot Courts in Iceland in 2016 and Norway in 2015


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