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Ríkisaðstoð: Rannsókn á endurreisn viðskiptabankanna - 15.12.2010

PR(10)69 - Icelandic version

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Neyðarlögin eru í samræmi við EES-samninginn - 15.12.2010

PR(10)68 - Icelandic version

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Bætt eftirlit með innflutningi á afurðum dýra - 13.10.2010

PR(10)56 - Icelandic version Read more

Internal Market Scoreboard: Norway and Liechtenstein among top nine EEA performers - 23.9.2010

Norway and Liechtenstein are among the best of the 30 EEA countries when it comes to timely transposition of  Internal Market directives into national law. Iceland is still above the target, but has reduced its transposition delay.

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Ríkisaðstoð: Rannsókn á endurfjármögnun Sjóvár - 22.9.2010

PR(10)52 - Icelandic version

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Aviation: Iceland fails to implement a Regulation within the single European sky - PR(10)36 - 22.6.2010

Yesterday the Authority sent a final warning to Iceland for failure to incorporate a Regulation within the single European sky[1]. Read more

Eftirlitsstofnun EFTA samþykkir ríkisaðstoð til björgunar smærri sparisjóða á Íslandi - PR(10)35 - 22.6.2010

Eftirlitsstofnun EFTA (ESA) ákvað í gær að heimila ríkisaðstoð til minni sparisjóða á Íslandi og gildir heimildin í sex mánuði. Read more

The Authority gives green light to a rescue scheme for small savings banks in Iceland - PR(10)35 - 22.6.2010

Yesterday the EFTA Surveillance Authority approved for a period of six months a state aid scheme for small savings banks in Iceland.

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Starfsmenn erlendra fyrirtækja: Íslandi stefnt fyrir EFTA-dómstólinn - 16.6.2010

Eftirlitsstofnun EFTA (ESA) ákvað í dag að stefna Íslandi fyrir EFTA-dómstólinn Read more

Property deals : Narvik municipality did not use illegal aid in sale to LKAB - 16.6.2010

Today, the EFTA Surveillance Authority has concluded that several transactions between the municipality of Narvik and Luossavaara Kiiruunvaara Norge AS (LKAB) did not involve state aid. Read more

Food Safety: Unsatisfactory hygiene controls in poultry processing in Norway - 4.5.2010


A report published by the EFTA Surveillance Authority today shows that findings from a previous inspection in 2006 had not been followed up or corrected by the competent national authority. Inspectors found examples of dripping of water from overhead structures, and unhygienic handling of meat and packaging materials.

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PR(10)07: Internal Market Scoreboard - 1.3.2010

At 0.7%, the average transposition deficit of Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway is the same as the EU Member States'  


“This Scoreboard confirms that the EEA EFTA States continue performing well”, says President Per Sanderud. “Liechtenstein and Norway are well below the 1% target, whilst Iceland still needs to improve to reach the target”.

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PR(10)02: State aid: The Authority adopts new guidelines for broadband and broadcasting - 3.2.2010

The Authority has today modified its state aid rules for the public service broadcasting sector and issued new guidelines on financing of broadband projects by public authorities in the EFTA States. The new broadcasting guidelines clarify what could be included in the concept public service broadcasting and thus be financed by state aid. The new broadband guidelines explain how public authorities can support the deployment of basic broadband and Next Generation Access (NGA) networks. Read more

PR(10)01: State aid: The Authority clears the new financing regime of NRK - 3.2.2010

The Authority has today closed its investigation into the financing regime of the Norwegian public service broadcaster NRK. This was possible following recent changes in the Norwegian broadcasting legislation and formal commitments for further amendments made by the Norwegian authorities. The new system, including a new entrustment mechanism for NRK's activities of public service nature, will be fully in place in April 2010. Read more

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