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Posten Norge AS fined EUR 12,89 million for breach of EEA competition rules



Today, the Authority imposed a fine of EUR 12,89 million on Posten Norge AS. The Authority has concluded that Posten Norge infringed Article 54 of the EEA Agreement by abusing its dominant position in Norway between 2000 and 2006.

Posten Norge is the national postal operator in Norway and a leading provider of parcel delivery services. The case concerns handling of parcels sent by mail-order and e-commerce companies to Norwegian consumers. Posten Norge has had a particularly strong position in this market.

Following a complaint, the Authority has carried out an extensive investigation of the Posten Norge's exclusivity agreements with certain retail groups and outlets (grocery stores, kiosks and petrol stations) for the establishment of its Post-in-Shop network.

These agreements entailed that Posten Norge made it difficult for competing suppliers of parcel delivery services from establishing a nationwide, competing delivery network of collection points for their parcels.

“Without such exclusivity agreements, competing suppliers of parcel delivery services could have provided for increased competition and lower prices in the market. This would have benefitted mail-order and e-commerce companies, and ultimately consumers,” says Mr Per Andreas Bjørgan, Director of Competition and State Aid.

In setting the fine, the Authority has taken into account factors such as Posten Norge's sales in the market concerned during the last full business year before ending the infringement, the nature of the infringement, the market share of Posten Norge and the geographic scope and duration of the infringement.


For further information, please contact:

Mr Per Andreas Bjørgan,
Director, Competition and State Aid Directorate,
tel. (+32)(0)2 286 18 36
mob. (+32)(0)477 263 027

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