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Competition: New guidelines on best practices for competition cases adopted



The EFTA Surveillance Authority has adopted new guidelines aimed at increasing interaction with parties in proceedings under Articles 53 and 54 of the EEA Agreement and strengthening the mechanisms for safeguarding the procedural rights of parties.

The new Notice provides practical guidance on the conduct of proceedings before the Authority and will increase the transparency, fairness and predictability of competition proceedings. The Notice gives parties a clearer picture of what to expect at different stages of an antitrust investigation and increases their ability to interact with the Authority's services throughout the course of proceedings under Articles 53 and 54 EEA.

Key developments include:

  • Earlier opening of formal proceedings.
  • State of play meetings at key points of the proceedings.
  • Disclosing key submissions in the investigative phase.
  • Publicly announcing the opening and closure of proceedings and the sending of a statement of objections.
  • Informing parties to the statement of objections of the main parameters for the possible imposition of fines.
  • Guidance on the commitment procedure.
  • Enhanced access to “key submissions” of complainants or third parties prior to the statement of objections.

The notice is available on the Competition pages of the Authority's website.

For further information, please contact:

Mr. Trygve Mellvang-Berg
Press & Information Officer
tel. (+32)(0)2 286 18 66

mob. (+32)(0)492 900 187

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