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ESA approves public procurement exemption in Norway



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Providers of public bus services will be exempt from the application of public procurement rules when they enter into contracts in order to carry out the operation of public bus transport services in Norway.

In November 2018, Nettbuss AS, now Vy Buss AS, sent a request for a general exemption from the utilities procurement rules in relation to the operation of bus services in Norway.

Specific rules apply for the utilities sector, which cover water, energy, transport, and postal services. Exemptions can be granted if there is unrestricted access and adequate level of competition in the market in the state concerned.

ESA takes the view that the activity on the relevant market in Norway is directly exposed to competition and access is not restricted.

The decision is based on operators participating in competitive tender processes in order to be awarded contracts for the services. These operators now do not have to follow the utilities procurement rules when they award further contracts themselves.

Find the decision here. 

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