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ESA: Closing the Oslo Fjord Tunnel case in Norway




ESA closes a complaint case regarding the planned expansion of the Oslo Fjord Tunnel in Norway.

ESA (The EFTA Surveillance Authority) has received several complaints arguing that the decision of Norway to construct an additional tube in parallel to the existing Oslo Fjord Tunnel violates the requirements of the Tunnel Directive regarding the maximum incline requirements of the Directive for new tunnels.

Norway has stated that the additional tube was foreseen as the second phase of the Oslo Fjord Tunnel project since 1996. The additional tube aims to increase capacity and improve the safety of the existing tube through the construction of cross-connected emergency exits and the opening of two-directional traffic.

As ESA does not assess or approve individual road projects, its follow-up to the complaints consists of assessing if Norway has fulfilled its obligations under the Tunnels Directive.

The requirements of that Directive relating to maximum incline apply only to new tunnels. However, as the additional tube is a second phase in an existing tunnel project, the requirements of the directive that apply only to new tunnels do not apply in this case.

Accordingly, ESA has today decided to close the complaint case. ESA will, however, continue its wider monitoring activities as regards to the Tunnel Directive.

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