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ESA: Liechtenstein must adopt waste management plan and prevention programme




The EFTA Surveillance Authority (ESA) today sent a reasoned opinion to Liechtenstein concerning the absence of a waste management plan and prevention programme as required by EEA law.

Liechtenstein should have adopted a waste management plan by the year 2012 and a waste prevention programme by 2013.

The waste management plan is to take stock of measures, identify objectives and strategies for efficient and safe waste management. 

The waste prevention programme is to identify prevention targets and measures, with the objective of breaking the link between economic growth and the negative environmental impacts of waste generation.

ESA considers the absence of a waste management plan and prevention programme in Liechtenstein a breach of the EEA Agreement and has presented its reasoned opinion on the matter to Liechtenstein.

A reasoned opinion is the second stage in infringement proceedings. ESA may bring the matter before the EFTA Court, if Liechtenstein fails to take the measures necessary to comply with the reasoned opinion within two months.

Find the reasoned opinion here.

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