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Food Safety: Icelandic national audit system fulfils the EEA requirements




The EFTA Surveillance Authority (ESA) carried out an audit of the national audit system in Iceland in January 2018 with a positive outcome.

As part of the EEA legal requirements, Iceland is required to have an audit system in place according to which systematic and independent audits are carried out, and actions are taken to ensure achievement of objectives defined in the legislation. ESA concludes that the national audit system of the Icelandic Food and Veterinary Authority (MAST) fulfils those requirements.

According to ESA's findings, the internal audit system in Iceland is based on credible, transparent and independent processes. The audit process is systematic and generally well documented, except for risk assessment and risk-based prioritisation in the planning phase.

Compliance with planned arrangements is audited systematically by MAST, but the effective implementation of planned arrangements is addressed to a lesser extent. Verification of suitability of official controls in achieving objectives is currently not part of the audits. Measures ensure that appropriate actions are taken in light of audit results, but there is no procedure to deal with failure by auditees to address non-compliances and to take action according to the corrective action plan.

Iceland has taken note of the shortcomings identified and has provided an action plan that addresses ESA's recommendations. The action plan is annexed to the final report and is currently being reviewed by ESA.

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