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New Scoreboard: Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway improve their performance



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Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway have all improved upon their performance in transposing EEA directives into national law. Norway remains the top performer and Iceland has made significant efforts to maintain their best performance.

These are the main findings of the 43rd Internal Market Scoreboard of the EFTA States, published today by the EFTA Surveillance Authority (ESA). The transposition deficit indicates how many directives and regulations the EFTA States have failed to communicate as transposed on time. ESA publishes these numbers and asks the states to keep their transposition deficit rate under a 1% benchmark. Late or incorrect implementation can deprive businesses and citizens in the EEA of their rights.

The new scoreboard reflects that:

  • Iceland has improved upon its performance for the implementation of directives, equalling its best ever rate at 0.5%.  However, ESA notes an increase in the number of overdue regulations, from 25 to 35 which translates into a transposition deficit of 1.1%. Most of them are in the same field, Financial Services and Iceland needs to take the necessary action to reduce this deficit.
  • Liechtenstein's deficit stands at 0.6%, with five directives that had not been fully transposed. All of these directives relate to driving licenses and have been outstanding for two years or more.
  • Norway continues to be a top-performer, with a deficit at 0.1%. This means that one directive has not been fully transposed into national law on time. Norway has similarly made strides when it comes to regulations and only 3 are outstanding.

Later in the year, ESA will publish an updated Scoreboard, comparing the EFTA states' performance to the other EEA states.
Find the scoreboard and all further information here: 43rd Internal Market Scoreboard of the EFTA States.

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