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Norway's controls regarding animal by-products are mostly satisfactory



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Norway mostly ensures that animal by-products (ABPs) are handled and processed in line with the legal requirements in the EEA Agreement, though with some shortcomings.

This is the main conclusion following an inspection by the EFTA Surveillance Authority (ESA) in Norway in February 2017. The aim of the mission was to check Norway's controls regarding animal by-products, which are material of animal origin that are not intended for human consumption.

In Norway, several ABP control programs and other initiatives have been implemented or are in planning. A system is in place of official controls with documented procedures, including reporting of results.

However, ESA finds that there is room for improvement in some areas. The official controls of ABPs are not risk-based and traders of ABPs have not been included in the controls. Limited official controls are in place for transporters of ABPs and for catering waste from international traffic.

ESA notes some discrepancies in the use of commercial documents and the official list of ABP operators. Furthermore, Norway does not ensure that other EEA States are informed via the Traces notification system of relevant consignments sent to or received from other EEA States.

The ESA report includes a number of recommendations on how Norway can rectify the identified shortcomings and enhance the control system. The Norwegian Food Safety Authority has taken note of the shortcomings identified and have provided an action plan that addresses ESA's recommendations. The action plan is annexed to the final report and is currently being reviewed by ESA.

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