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Food Safety: Unsatisfactory hygiene controls in poultry processing in Norway



A report published by the EFTA Surveillance Authority today shows that findings from a previous inspection in 2006 had not been followed up or corrected by the competent national authority. Inspectors found examples of dripping of water from overhead structures, and unhygienic handling of meat and packaging materials.

The Authority carried out a planned mission to Norway from 11 to 19 January 2010 regarding the application of EEA legislation related to the safety of food of animal origin, in particular poultry meat and poultry meat products.

The overall conlusion is that the Norwegian Food Safety Authority (NFSA) did not provide the mission team with evidence of a satisfactory supervision of all poultry establishments i.e. slaughterhouses, cutting plants, meat preparation plants and meat processing plants.

The Authority's inspectors considered findings in two of the establishments visited serious. In a poultry slaughterhouse carcasses were visbly contaminated after the slaughtering process. In another establishment contaminated water was dripping directly on ready to eat products. During the writing of the draft report the NFSA notified the Authority that immediate corrective action to these findings had been taken.

The NFSA's reply to the draft report and the notification of immediate corrective action are annexed to the final report. For measures still outstanding Norway is to notify the Authority of actions taken, within two months of receiving the final report.

Read the final report here.

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