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Transport: Iceland fails to implement two Directives on enforcement of driving time and rest periods in road transport - PR(10)41


The Authority has today sent final warnings to Iceland for failure to implement two Directives[1] amending Directive 2006/22[2], which is the main act on enforcement of driving time and rest periods rules in road transport. The Authority has earlier taken similar action[3] against Iceland for non-implementation of Directive 2006/22 and Regulation 561/2006[4] providing the substantive driving time and rest periods rules. Directive 2006/22 and Regulation 561/2006 have still not been implemented into Icelandic law.  

Directive 2009/4 foresees more comprehensive checks of the vehicles being controlled in order to prevent and detect manipulation of tachographs.

Directive 2009/5 introduces guidelines on categorisation of infringements to the driving time and rest periods rules, dividing the infringments into categories of minor, serious and very serious infringements.

Delivering these final warnings, reasoned opinions, is the second stage of infringement proceedings. If Iceland fails to take satisfactory measures to implement the directives, the Authority may decide to bring the matters before the EFTA Court.


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Mr. Lennart Garnes
Internal Market Affairs Directorate  
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