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Import controls: Iceland has improved control of products of animal origin


Icelandic import controls of products of animal origin have improved compared to previous identified shortcomings. This is the overall conclusion of a report published by the EFTA surveillance Authority today.

The EFTA Surveillance Authority carried out a planned mission to Iceland from 17 to 21 May 2010 regarding the application of EEA legislation related to import control and border inspection posts.

The overall conclusion is that, following improved training of staff involved in import controls at the border inspection posts, the decisions taken on imported consignments were generally in line with the legal requirements.

Based on the findings, 11 recommendations were issued to Iceland by the Authority. Some of the main concerns were related to the following:

Not all consignments of fishery products arriving from third countries underwent veterinary checks in a border inspection post prior to introduction. Furthermore, pet food containing fish did not undergo veterinary checks in a border inspection post at the time of the mission, as the Icelandic competent authority did not differentiate whether imported pet food contained fish or other products of animal origin.

The customs authorities transit procedure allowed consignments (including products of animal origin) to be transited by road through Icelandic territory without veterinary checks in a border inspection post prior to the transport. 

The border inspection posts do still not receive information on arriving consignments from the Directorate of Customs (Customs) and the Icelandic Food and Veterinary Authority (MAST) did not have direct access to the Customs' database or to relevant parts thereof.

Read the final report here.

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