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Inadequate controls on the production of fishery products in Iceland


Icelandcould not ensure that fishery products were handled and processed in line with legal requirements. This is the overall conclusion of a report published today, following a mssion carried out by the EFTA Surveillance Authority .

The report is based on observations made by the Authority's inspectors during a planned mission carried out in Iceland in
November 2010 on official controls on fishery products.

The report concludes that the official controls, and the use of enforcement measures, related to fishery products in place in Iceland at the time of the mission were inadequate.

The Authority's inspectors found in particular that:

  • routine controls are carried out by private control bodies, who did not report shortcomings in the establishments to the competent authority as required. Therefore, the competent authority was not always aware of the situation in the establishments;
  • the control bodies cannot be regarded as impartial as they collect fees directly from the establishments being controlled;
  • the limited number of inspections and audits carried out and few samples taken by the competent authorities was not in line with the requirements of the applicable legislation;
  • the Authority's inspectors observed that appropriate enforcement actions were not always taken as required;

·        several shortcomings were observed in the establishments, both related to hygiene, layout, facilities and procedures.

The Icelandic competent authority has provided a plan of actions to address the recommendations in the report. The action plan is attached to the report. The Authority will follow closely the execution of the plan.


Read the final report here

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