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Public procurement: Norway recognises breach of EEA law



Today, the Authority decided to close an own initiative case against Norway concerning the procurement of bus and maritime transport services by the County of Finnmark. Norway has recognised that the contract was awarded in breach of EEA law.

In 2006, the County of Finnmark entered into negotiations with Finnmark Fylkesrederi og Ruteselskap AS (FFR) (currently Boreal Transport Norge AS) with a view to conclude a new contract for bus transport services and a new contract for ferry and high speed craft transport services. The contracts had an estimated value of respectively NOK 750 million and NOK 1 billion.

However, the negotiations and the final award of the contracts in June 2007 took place without any tendering competition, which amounts to a breach of EEA law.

In light thereof, the Authority sent, on 13 October 2010, a letter of formal notice to Norway.  By letter dated 14 December 2010, the Norwegian Government informed the Authority that it recognised that the aforementioned contracts were awarded in breach of the EEA rules on public procurement.

The decision to close the case is in line with the Authority's current policy in the field of public procurement, where the Authority closes a case when the State in question has recognized that a contract has been awarded in breach of the EEA law.


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