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Food Safety: Improved controls on shellfish production in Iceland



The production and placing on the market of shellfish harvested in Iceland were in general  done in line with the requirements of the EEA legislation. This is the main conclusion of a report of a follow-up mission issued by the EFTA Surveillance Authority  today.

The report describes the outcome of a follow up mission carried out by the the Authority in Iceland from 23 May to 27 May 2011 regarding application of EEA legislation related to control of shellfish (live bivalve molluscs).

The mission confirmed that the Icelandic competent authority has followed the recommendations made by the Authority after a similar mission carried out in 2010 and implemented the necessary corrective actions.

Official controls and food business operators' procedures are now in general in conformity with the requirements of the legislation.

Live bivalve molluscs produced in Iceland generally fulfil the legal requirements for harvesting and placing on the market of this commodity.

However, there is still a need for improvement in some areas such as:

  • Official sampling of live and processed bivalve molluscs.
  • Designation of laboratories for official controls of live bivalve molluscs.
  • Enforcement of general hygiene requirements at establishment level.
  • Controls on processed tunicates harvested outside classified areas.

According to the answer to the draft report the Icelandic competent authority, MAST, intends to finish the corrective actions this year.

Read the final report here.


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