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Food safety: Norway should improve control system of bovine animals and products



The EFTA Surveillance Authority carried out a mission to Norway in October 2011 regarding the application of EEA legislation on bovine identification, labelling and traceability. The mission covered all aspects of bovine production; from farm, through processing and to retail outlet.

The Norwegian system of registration of farms and the identification of bovine animals generally meets the requirements of the EEA legislation. However, certain shortcomings relating to the identification and movement control of bovine animals must be corrected.

The processing establishments visited had traceability systems in place and were in general satisfactory. However, in several retail outlets visited, incorrect labelling missing key information undermined a reliable traceability.

At the retail stage, the Authority's mission also identified shortcomings in the official controls on the compulsory labelling of beef products and in the Norwegian competent authorities' overview of voluntary beef labelling systems. Several instances of non-compliance with the EEA requirements were identified by the Authority's mission team in relation to the compulsory and voluntary labelling of beef.


Read the final report from the mission here.


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