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Internal Market: Norwegian temporary number plate rules in breach of the EEA Agreement



Norway must allow the use of motor vehicles with a temporary registration issued in another EEA State pending the ordinary registration in Norway. This is the conlusion of at reasoned opinion delivered by the EFTA Surveillance Authority to Norway today.
In principle, a motor vehicles subject to registration cannot be used in Norway without a valid registration certificate and licence plate. However, motor vehicles subject to registration may be transferred or driven in relation to their registration without being registered, provided they have a valid temporary licence plate and be in good condition. Nevertheless, it follows from the Norwegian legislation that, in such cases, the temporary registration certificate and licence plate must be issued in Norway. Apart from that, carrying a temporary licence plate is subject to a daily fee.
Hence, a motor vehicle imported by an individual will be denied use on the Norwegian road network if it is not accompanied by a temporary licence plate issued in Norway, even if the vehicle is accompanied by a valid temporary registration certificate and a temporary licence plate issued in another EEA State. However, according to EEA law, EEA States are under the obligation to recognize registration certificates which are issued by another EEA State.    
Delivery of a reasoned opinion is the second stage in infringement proceedings. The EFTA Surveillance Authority may bring the matter before the EFTA Court if Norway fails to take the measures necessary to comply within two months of receiving the reasoned opinion.
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