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Food safety: Shortcomings detected in Norwegian controls of food contact materials



Official controls in Norway on imports, production and use of food contact materials (packaging material, kitchenware etc) need to be tightened to ensure that food contact materials have sufficient documentation and evidence for their safety. This is the main conclusion of a report published by the EFTA Surveillance Authority today.

The Authority carried out a mission to Norway in March 2012 to verify that official controls related to food contact materials were carried out in compliance with the European Economic Area legislation. Food contact materials include everything from packaging material and kitchenware  to equipment used by food producers. Such materials must not release hazardous chemicals or other substances into the food.

Important shortcomings found in the system for official controls included: 

  • Very limited official controls had been carried out to the producers and importers of food contact materials;
  • official controls performed in food producers were not thorough enough to ensure the compliance of food contact materials used;
  • there has been no official sampling of food contact materials apart from samples taken in connection with two EU-coordinated surveys in 2007 and 2011.

The Norwegian Food Safety Authority (NFSA) has taken note of the shortcomings identified, and has addressed some of them in its reply to the draft report and has started working on the recommendations contained in the report. The NFSA's reply to the draft report is annexed to the final report.

Read the final report here.


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