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Internal Market Scoreboard: Average performance worse for the EEA EFTA States



The Scoreboard published today shows that the average transposition deficit of the EEA EFTA States increased from 1.0% in February to 1.2% in July. In comparison, the EU Member States' average transposition deficit remained low at 0.6%.

The Scoreboard shows that both Liechtenstein and Norway were below the target of a 1% transposition deficit, but Iceland remains among the poor performers when it comes to timely transposition of Internal Market measures into national law.

The transposition deficit is the percentage of directives, in relation to the total number of directives, not notified on time to the EFTA Surveillance Authority.

“The result of this summer's Scoreboard is very disappointing and exceeds the target of 1% transposition deficit. It is important that the EEA EFTA States take action and increase their efforts  to speed up the implementation of EEA rules ” says Oda Helen Sletnes, the President of the EFTA Surveillance Authority.

Iceland's deficit worsened and is now at 2.3%. This is Iceland's worst score since the introduction of the Scoreboard in 1997. However, it slightly decreased its transposition delay, from 13  to 11.2 months.

Norway's deficit increased from 0.7% to 0.9%. The transposition delay decreased, from 7.5 to 5.9 months.

Liechtenstein is the best performer of the EEA EFTA States with its all time lowest transposition deficit at 0.3%. The state's transposition delay, on the other hand, saw a significant increase of 5.8 months, rising from 7.6 to 13.4 months.

Iceland had two directives overdue by more than two years and Liechtenstein one. Norway had none. Iceland's number of regulations overdue for incorporation decreased from 40 to 35 since the previous Scoreboard. In Norway, the number increased by 19 regulations, to a total of 30. 

The Internal Market Scoreboard is published bi-annually. It monitors how well the EEA EFTA States comply with their transposition obligations, and provides information on the number of infringement proceedings initiated against the EEA EFTA States. This concerns failure to transpose or apply EEA legislation correctly, as well as failure to transpose directives and regulations on time.

The Scoreboard shows that the total number of infringement cases pursued by the Authority decreased by 17 cases (from 198 to 181) since the previous Scoreboard.

See the full Scoreboard here.

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