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Environment: Allocations of greenhouse gas emission allowances in the EEA EFTA States cleared



The EFTA Surveillance Authority has approved a series of National Implementation Measures (NIMs) submitted by Iceland, Norway and Liechtenstein. These NIMs allocate allowances for the emission of greenhouse gases.

The Emission Trading System (ETS) applies to the entire EEA and works on the “cap and trade” principle. It places a limit on overall emissions from high-emitting industry sectors, and this limit is reduced each year. Allowances for emissions are then either auctioned off or allocated free of charge by the EEA States to companies.

The ETS requires that the allowances which are given away free must be fixed before the start of the 2013-2020 trading period. This is done to ensure that the market in allowances functions properly. The total number of allowances given by each EEA EFTA State is defined in the NIMs, which must be notified to and approved by the Authority.

The Authority has assessed the NIMs submitted by the EFTA EEA States, and found that they are compatible with the ETS rules.

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