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Food safety: Unsatisfactory controls of animal by-products in Iceland



Adequate arrangements are not in place in Iceland to ensure that all animal by-products are handled, processed and disposed of in accordance with the European Economic Area (EEA) legislation. This is the conclusion in a report published by the EFTA Surveillance Authority after an inspection in Iceland in September this year.

Animal by-products are bodies or parts of animals or products thereof not intented for human consumption. To avoid such material spreading disease to humans or animals, strict rules are in place concerning inter alia the handling, processing and disposal of these products.

In Iceland, certain animal by-products are considered as waste and therefore fall outside the scope of the relevant national legislation. This means in practice that not all EEA requirements regarding animal by-products are complied with. The Authority has sent a letter to Iceland regarding this issue and will consider initiating formal infringement proceedings in light of Iceland's reply.

The inspection also confirmed that Iceland does not comply with requirements concerning removal of bovine specified risk material, as laid down in EEA legislation. The Authority has already initiated infringement proceedings in relation to this matter.

The report includes a number of recommendations addressed to Iceland aimed at rectifying the identified shortcomings and enhancing the control system in place.

The Icelandic authorities have taken note of the shortcomings identified, and provided an action plan which is annexed to the final report and is currently being reviewed by the Authority.

Read the final report here


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