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Late implementation: Norway to be brought to court over a Directive on airport charges



Norway has failed to implement a directive on airport charges on time. Therefore, the EFTA Surveillance Authority has decided to bring the matter before the EFTA Court.

Airport charges are paid by air carriers and others transporting passengers, freight or mail for the use of airport facilities. They include aircraft landing charges, charges for the processing of passengers and freight and other charges for use of airport infrastructure.

The main objectives of Directive 2009/12/EC are to increase transparency on the costs which airport charges are to cover, ensure non-discrimination in charging, and introduce a system of consultation on charges between airport and air carriers (which may already be in place at many airports). It places the obligation on the EFTA States to designate or set up an independent supervisory authority whose task is to help settle disputes over charges between airports and air carriers.

The Directive applies to airports within the European Economic Area which handle more than 5 million passengers per year, or to the largest airport in a Member State.

The time limit for the EFTA States to adopt the necessary measures to implement the directive expired on 1 June 2012. In January 2013, the Authority delivered a reasoned opinion to Norway concerning the lack of implementation, as a final warning that the case would be brought before the EFTA Court.


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