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Internal Market Scoreboard: Poor results for the EEA EFTA States



Iceland and Norway have the highest transposition deficit of all the EEA States according to the Internal Market Scoreboard published by the EFTA Surveillance Authority today.

The Scoreboard, published bi-annually, monitors how well Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway comply with their transposition obligations under the EEA Agreement. The transposition deficit indicates how many directives containing internal market rules and principles the EEA States have failed to communicate as having been transposed into national legislation within the foreseen deadline.

Iceland's deficit at 3.2 % corresponds to 37 directives not being fully transposed into the national law within the foreseen deadlines. These numbers are considerably higher than at the previous scoreboard in July 2013. In the same time period, Norway's deficit has doubled to 1.8 %, corresponding to 21 overdue directives.

Liechtenstein is also moving in the wrong direction, however still staying within the target of a maximum 1 % transposition deficit, after having been well below the target in the past years.

«This trend is alarming, and the Authority strongly urges the EEA EFTA States to do their utmost to reverse it. Timely implementation of common EEA rules is fundamental for creating a level playing field in the internal market. The EEA EFTA States must ensure they take the steps necessary to honor their obligations under the EEA Agreement», stated Ms. Oda Helen Sletnes, the President of the EFTA Surveillance Authority.

The average transposition deficit of the three EEA EFTA States is 2.0 %, an increase from 1.2 % in the previous scoreboard. In comparison, the average transposition deficit in the EU is 0.7 %. Five of the EU Member States are above the target of 1 %, none of them reached more than a 1.5% deficit.

Iceland and Norway also have to make regulations part of their internal legal orders. In November 2013, Iceland had 117 overdue regulations – 82 more than at the time of the previous Scoreboard. For Norway, the number decreased by six, to 24 outstanding regulations.

The Internal Market Scoreboard furthermore provides information on the number of infringement proceedings initiated against the EEA EFTA States. This concerns failure to transpose directives and regulations on time, as well as failure to transpose or apply EEA legislation correctly. Since the previous Scoreboard, the total number of infringement cases pursued by the Authority increased from 181 to 236. The Authority – concerned by the growing deficit – will continue to step up efforts in ensuring timely transposition of new EEA acquis.


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