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Food safety: Satisfactory residue monitoring and official controls of use of veterinary medicinal products in Norway



The official controls concerning the use of veterinary medicinal products and medicated feeding stuffs and the residue monitoring plans are in general satisfactory in Norway.  This is the main conclusion of a report published by the EFTA Surveillance Authority today.

The Authority conducted an inspection in January/February 2014 to verify that the controls carried out by Norwegian authorities comply with the EEA legislation.

Use of veterinary medicinal products
The inspection team found that the distribution and use of veterinary medicinal products in food producing animals are overall effectively controlled through official inspections at wholesalers, pharmacies, veterinary practices and primary producers.

Veterinary medicinal products are generally prudently used in Norway. Some areas for improvement include the discipline of veterinarians and farmers to maintain the (electronic) records and the retention of copies of veterinary prescriptions at pharmacies and farms.

Control of residues and contaminants
The residue monitoring plans and their implementation are overall in line with EEA requirements. The scope of testing in terrestrial animals has significantly improved in 2014 relative to previous years. The satisfactory performance of the laboratories involved in the 2014 residue plan provides confidence in the analytical results.

Since the previous inspection was carried out by the Authority in 2009, there have been no findings indicating the use of illegal substances and very few instances where the maximum residue limits have been exceeded. Follow-up investigations were thorough and effective, with the exception of investigations in relation to repetitive findings of excessive levels of a feed additive in eggs. Areas for improvement include the turnaround times of aquaculture samples, storage and transport of samples and targeting of samples in cattle and horses.

Corrective actions
The competent national authorities (Norwegian Food Safety Authority and Norwegian Medicines Agency) have taken note of the shortcomings identified, and  their reply to the draft report included corrective actions addressing the recommendations contained in the report. The reply from the competent authorities is annexed to the final report.



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