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Animal welfare: Well-functioning controls on killing of animals in Norway



In Norway official controls are in place to ensure that animals are spared any avoidable pain, distress and suffering during their killing and related operations.

This is the main conclusion in a report published by the EFTA Surveillance Authority  today, following an inspection carried out in September 2014.

The mission team found that relevant EEA legislation has been incorporated into the national legislation. The responsible competent authority is clearly designated and legal powers are in place to enforce legal requirements.

Stricter national rules than required by EEA legislation, aimed at ensuring more extensive protection of animals at the time of killing, have been maintained or adopted in Norway. Norway has also developed detailed rules on animal welfare concerning killing of fish. National legal requirements for business operators slaughtering aquaculture fish go beyond what is required in EEA legislation.

The nature, intensity and frequency of official controls were seen to vary between control districts, and relevant training has not been provided to all officials. The main shortcoming identified by the Authority is that there are no routines in place to verify the appropriateness and effectiveness of the official controls.

The report includes a number of recommendations aimed at rectifying the identified shortcomings and enhancing the control system in place.

Norway has taken note of the shortcomings identified, and has provided a preliminary action plan that addresses some of the Authority's recommendations. The action plan is included as Annex 4 to the report and is currently being reviewed by the Authority.

Read the full report here


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