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Internal Market: Worker rights before the EFTA Court




Iceland has failed to implement an EEA directive on worker rights. The EFTA Surveillance Authority (ESA) has today decided to bring the case before the EFTA Court.

“The freedom to live and work in another member state is one of the many rights individuals enjoy in the EEA. The free movement and anti-discrimination principles of the EEA guarantee that people working abroad have the same employment rights as nationals,” says Helga Jónsdóttir, ESA college member.


Directive 2014/54/EU on the exercise of rights conferred on workers requires national authorities to ensure that judicial procedures are available for all EEA workers, or their families, who consider that they have been discriminated against. It also requires the EEA states to designate a specific body to promote equal treatment and to support both EEA workers and their families.

It is important that the EFTA States incorporate new EEA law on time into their national legal order so that all EEA citizens enjoy the same rights throughout the whole of the EEA. In the case at hand, Iceland should have granted EEA workers additional rights in Icelandic law as set out in the Directive by June 2016, but has failed to do so.

When ESA lodges a case before the EFTA Court it is the last step in a formal infringement procedure. Prior to this, ESA informed Iceland of its view and provided it with the opportunity to bring forward its arguments as well as to settle the case by complying within the applicable deadline.

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