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PR(05)31: EFTA Surveillance Authority receives first eCom notification


5 August 2005

Today, the Authority received the first notification of a draft regulatory measure in accordance with the consultation procedure introduced by the new regulatory framework for electronic communications. The Norwegian Post and Telecommunications Authority notified its assessment and proposed regulatory measures in the market for voice call termination on individual mobile networks. The Authority has initially one month to scrutinize the draft measure. All related public documents can be consulted on the eCOM Online Notification Registry that the Authority has set up for this purpose.

The new regulatory framework, which entered into force in the EEA on 1 November 2004, provides that national regulatory authorities (NRAs) of the EFTA States have to notify draft regulatory decisions to the Authority in a number of specified instances before they can be put into effect in the national market. The Authority has the right to scrutinize draft measures before their adoption in order to ensure compatibility with EEA law.

The Authority assumes an active role in facilitating the exchange of information and transparency by establishing a dedicated eCOM Online Notification Registry to provide access to all public documents pertaining to draft regulatory measures notified by the Icelandic, Liechtenstein and Norwegian NRAs. The eCOM Registry is maintained by the Authority’s eCOM Task Force and accessible to the public at large through the following internet link: For additional information regarding the eCOM Task Force or the notification procedure under Article 7 of the Framework Directive please visit the Authority’s website.

For any further information please contact

Mr. Frank Büchel, Internal Market Affairs Directorate, (+32)(0)2 286 18 62, or

Ms. Dessy Choumelova, Competition and State Aid Directorate, (+32)(0)2 286 18 59.

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