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PR(09)16: New Internal Market Scoreboard – Strong performance by Liechtenstein while Iceland continues a poor trend


The 23rd Internal Market Scoreboard shows that the average transposition deficit of the EEA EFTA States remains at 1.3%, i.e. the same as at the time of the previous Scoreboard. The average transposition deficit of the EU Member States is 1.0%.

With a transposition deficit of 0.6%, Liechtenstein complies with the future 1.0% interim target. Norway with a 1.1% deficit complies with the current 1.5% target, which is nevertheless 0.3% higher than in the previous Scoreboard. Regrettably Iceland’s deficit, at 2.2% for the third consecutive time, remains well above the current target.

When comparing the 30 EEA States, all three EEA EFTA States are positioned lower in the performance than at the time of the previous Scoreboard. Liechtenstein is now 13th, Norway 21st while Iceland is positioned as 30th and last.

The overall number of infringement cases due to lack of conformity with or incorrect application of Internal Market rules remains more or less at the same level as at the time of the previous Scoreboard. In comparison to the EU Member States, the number of such infringement proceedings against the EEA EFTA States remains low.

The number of infringement cases concerning non-timely transposition of directives by the EEA EFTA States increased considerably since the previous Scoreboard. Furthermore, the number of infringement cases against Iceland due to non-timely transposition of regulations remains at a high level. This reflects a continous focus by the Authority on efforts to reduce the backlog of non-timely transposed regulations. There has been a substantial transposition deficit in Iceland regarding such regulations, although the situation has improved considerably over the last months.


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Ms. Tuula Nieminen
Deputy Director, Internal Market Affairs Directorate
tel. (+32)(0)2 286 18 67


Brussels, 19 February 2009

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