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PR(08)38: New Internal Market Scoreboard – Norway and Liechtenstein improve their record, Iceland’s transposition deficit remains high


The latest Internal Market Scoreboard, which is published today, shows that the average transposition deficit of the EEA EFTA States for directives has decreased, being now 1.3% instead of 1.7% at the time of the previous Scoreboard. The average transposition deficit of the EU Member States is 1.0%.

With transposition deficits of 0.8% for directives, both Liechtenstein and Norway comply with the future 1.0% interim target. These two countries have also shown considerable improvement compared with the previous Scoreboard, published six months ago. Unfortunately Iceland’s deficit, at 2.2%, remains well above the current 1.5% target. When comparing the 30 EEA States, Liechtenstein and Norway are now amongst the top ten performers, while Iceland holds the second last position.

Both Norway and Iceland have to make regulations part of their internal legal order by incorporating those into their legal order. This usually requires prior translation of the regulations into the national language, followed by a publication of the regulations in the EEA supplement to the Official Journal. In Iceland, delays in translation and publication have created a backlog of overdue regulations. Despite efforts to reduce the backlog there were still 124 regulations not fully transposed into Icelandic law by May 2008.

The total number of open infringement cases increased by 31 cases from the time of the previous Scoreboard. The overall number of infringement cases due to non-conformity or incorrect application of Internal Market rules as well as non-timely transposition of directives by the EEA EFTA States remains at the same level as at the time of the previous Scoreboard. The number of infringement cases against Iceland due to non-timely transposition of regulations has, on the other hand, continued to increase.  


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Ms. Tuula Nieminen, Deputy Director
Internal Market Affairs Directorate
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9 July 2008


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