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PR(00)01: The EFTA Surveillance Authority adopts a report on the operation of articles 4(2)-4(4) of the deposit-guarantee schemes directive (94/19/EC) in the EFTA states


The Deposit-Guarantee-Scheme Directive (94/19/EC), as incorporated in the EEA Agreement, lays down the obligation for EEA States to ensure that within their territories one or more deposit-guarantee schemes for credit institutions are introduced and officially recognised. The membership of such a scheme is mandatory for all credit institutions in the EEA.

The Directive stipulates that where the cover offered by a host EEA State scheme exceeds the cover provided in the EEA State in which a credit institution is authorised, the host EEA State shall ensure that there is an officially recognised deposit-guarantee scheme within its territory which a branch may join voluntarily in order to supplement the guarantee which its depositors already enjoy by virtue of its membership of its home EEA State scheme.

The Directive requires the EFTA Surveillance Authority to report on the operation of certain provisions of the Directive. The report was adopted by the Authority on 16 December 1999.

The report is based on information submitted by the EFTA States and discusses the operation in those States of the following provisions of the Directive:

  1. Article 4(2) on the right for a branch of an EEA credit institution to supplement its guarantee coverage to the level of the host State ("topping-up clause"),
  2. Article 4(3) on objective and generally applied conditions for branches' membership of a host EEA State's scheme,
  3. Article 4(4) on measures to be taken in cases of non-compliance by branches with the obligations under the scheme.

The report is available on the Authority's homepage ( 

For further information on the report please contact Mr. Hallgrímur Ásgeirsson (Persons, Services and Capital Movements Directorate), telephone (+32)2 286 18 67.

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