Speech: 25 Years Safeguarding the EEA Agreement - 25.6.2019

 ESA President Bente Angell-Hansen's speech at the EFTA Ministerial meeting, 23 - 25 June 2019.

Øystein Solvang blir ESAs nye kommunikasjonssjef - 3.7.2018

PR(18)17 – Norwegian version

Ný stjórn ESA skipuð frá áramótum - 25.10.2017

PR(17)32 - Icelandic version

Neues Kollegium der EFTA-Überwachungsbehörde ernannt - 25.10.2017

PR(17)32 - German version

Bente Angell-Hansen blir ny president i ESA - 25.10.2017

PR(17)32 - Norwegian version

Oppdatert resultattavle for det indre markedet - 6.7.2017

PR(17)- – Norwegian version

ESA birtir uppfært frammistöðumat innri markaðar - 6.7.2017

PR(17)- – Icelandic version

Gunnar Þór kemur til starfa hjá ESA - 27.4.2017

PR(17) – Icelandic version

EFTA Surveillance Authority is exceptionally closed on 23 March - 22.3.2016

In light of the terrorist attacks in Brussels and as a precautionary measure, the Authority's offices will remain closed on 23 March, and will reopen only after the planned Easter closure on Tuesday 29 March. We have been able to contact all staff thought to be in Brussels and can confirm that all are safe and sound.


Our thoughts are with the victims of the attacks and their families.

Offentlig støtte: Større muligheter – mer ansvar - 3.1.2015

Letter to the editor (Norwegian version only)

ESA og arbeidsgiveravgiften - 19.3.2014

PR(14)19 - Norwegian version

Ný stjórn Eftirlitsstofnunar EFTA tilnefnd frá 1. janúar 2014 - 20.12.2013

PR(13)96 - Icelandic version

Award of Contract - Document Management and Case Handling System - 18.12.2013

A Contract has been awarded on the 17th of December 2013 to GoPro ltd

Invitation to Tender (“ITT”) - 20.9.2013

The purpose of this ITT is to solicit proposals from qualified suppliers for designing, building, installing, and supporting a Document Management and Case-Handling System for the EFTA Surveillance Authority, (“the Authority”).


The Contract notice is published on TED 

Die Behörde veröffentlicht ihren Jahresbericht 2012 - 12.4.2013

PR(13)33 - Liechtenstein version

Eftirlitsstofnun EFTA gefur út ársskýrslu fyrir árið 2012 - 12.4.2013

PR(13)33 - Icelandic version

ESA publiserer årsrapport for 2012 - 12.4.2013

PR(13)33 - Norwegian version

Eftirlitsstofnun EFTA setur á stofn nýjan gagnagrunn - 11.4.2013

PR(13)32 - Icelandic version

ESA lanserer offentlig dokumentdatabase - 11.4.2013

PR(13)32 - Norwegian version

ESAs årsrapport for 2011 utgitt på norsk - 22.3.2012

PR(12)16 – Norwegian version

Icesave Referendum - 11.4.2011


PR(09)44: Xavier Lewis appointed as new director of Legal Affairs Directorate - 12.6.2009

The Authority has appointed Mr. Xavier Lewis as new director of its Legal and Executive Affairs Directorate.

Other EEA Institutions

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