PR(10)06: The Authority publishes its Annual Report for 2009


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2009 was dominated by the worldwide economic crisis which has had a strong impact on the Authority's agenda. Particularly the situation in Iceland has been closely monitored by the Authority as Iceland suffered an unprecedented collapse in its financial sector and was forced to take far-reaching measures to address the crisis. Last July, Iceland applied for membership to the European Union. However, as long as Iceland continues to be an EEA EFTA State, the application does not affect the Authority's daily operations with regard to the surveillance of the fulfilment of Iceland's obligations under the Agreement.

The Authority has continued its targeted effort to speed up its case handling and to reduce the number of pending cases. In 2008 we ended the year with 619 open cases and in 2009 this number was drastically reduced to 510.

During 2009, the state aid rules became more prominent than ever before, due to the financial crisis. The Authority has dealt with several major cases resulting from the crisis, in particular a scheme for the recapitalization of Norwegian banks. The Authority is still assessing emergency measures introduced in Iceland. Other prominent developments over the year have included a number of environmental aid cases, mainly in Norway, and various transport cases in both Iceland and Norway.

The Authority brought six cases before the EFTA Court in 2009.

2009 was the first full year in which the Authority's new rules on public access to documents were applicable. The Authority received approximately 50 requests under the rules and granted access to the requested documents in most cases.

In 2009, the Authority also launched a new and improved website, www.eftasurv.int

A four-year College term came to an end on 31.12.2009 and a new  Icelandic College Member was appointed as of 1.1.2010.


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