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The Authority publishes its Annual Report for 2010



The year 2010 was a busy year for the Authority. Currently, the number of pending cases before the Authority is 500, as last year. However, a total of 370 new cases were opened and 362 cases closed in 2010.

The aftermath of the financial crisis is still the source of a large number of cases dealt with by the Authority. In particular, this is true regarding Iceland, with major cases addressing both State Aid- and Internal Market rules.

“A hope for 2011 is to finish as many of these issues as possible so that all parties may adopt a more forward looking perspective,” the President of the Authority, Mr. Per Sanderud, says.

In the field of competition, the Authority took a major step in enforcing the EEA competition rules when it imposed a fine of EUR 12.89 million on Posten Norge AS in July 2010.

Important decisions regarding taxation issues in Liechtenstein were also taken. The Authority concluded in two cases that the Liechtenstein Government had granted illegal state aid, which must be repaid to the Government.

Both the Liechtenstein decisions and the Posten Norge decision have been challenged before the EFTA Court, which registered 18 cases during the year. That is the highest number the Court's history.

An important part of the Authority's case handling concerns the late implementation of regulations and directives by the EFTA States. The next edition of the Internal Market Scoreboard, to be published in March 2011, shows that the deficit for the late transposition of directives by the EFTA States currently is at 0.6%, the lowest average rate ever.

“Ultimately, the successful operation of the EEA Agreement depends on the uniform implementation and application of the common rules in each of the 30 EEA States. Respect for this basic feature of the Agreement when new legislation is incorporated into it will contribute to its sustainability in the future,” Mr. Sanderud says.

The full report can be read here.

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